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About Queensland Corrective Services

Due to machinery of government changes, Queensland Corrective Services is transitioning from the Department of Justice and Attorney-General. We will continue to update this website while we work on our new website.

Queensland Corrective Services (QCS) is a business unit of the Department of Justice and Attorney-General (DJAG). DJAG’s vision is for a fair, safe and just Queensland, and the department is responsible for administering justice throughout the state. DJAG develops policies and delivers services to ensure safe, fair and productive work environments that contribute to the wellbeing of Queensland communities.

In partnership with other key criminal justice agencies, we are committed to the critical role of keeping our communities safe.

We set strategy, policy and standards for the management of the state’s system of correctional facilities. We also develop programs for the humane containment, management and rehabilitation of prisoners and the community-based supervision of offenders.

Our purpose is to:

  • administer and manage the sentences imposed by the courts
  • provide safe, secure and humane management of prisoners in correctional centres
  • effectively supervise adult offenders in the community
  • provide opportunities for prisoners and offenders to make reparation by performing community service
  • reduce crime and re-offending by delivering evidence-based rehabilitation programs and risk management.

Our vision

  • A fair, safe and just Queensland.

Our values

  • Integrity—we act ethically, honestly, impartially and in the best interest of the community.
  • Accountability—we are publicly accountable for our actions.
  • Working together—we work with our colleagues, stakeholders and the community.
  • Learning—we value creativity, innovation, flexibility and continual improvement in the pursuit of excellence.
  • Diversity—we treat all people with respect and value differences.

Our values underpin everything we do and are the building blocks for our workplace culture. They guide our behaviour and decision making and support us in being a high performing, impartial and productive workplace that puts the people of Queensland first.


QCS administers the following legislation:

Delegations, limitations, authorisations and directions

These instruments indicate positions that may exercise powers provided for in legislation.

For delegations relating to powers of the Minister provided for in legislation:

For delegations relating to powers of the chief executive provided for in legislation (Including powers under the Corrective Services Act 2006 and Public Service Act 2008; the Department of Community Safety's (DCS) human resource delegations, DCS's financial and travel delegations, and DCS's approval authority (Financial) for Queensland Shared Services):


For limitations relating to powers of a corrective services officer provided for in legislation:

For a search requiring the removal of clothing of prisoners:

Last reviewed
3 January 2018
Last updated
29 May 2018
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