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Crown Solicitor’s review

Celebrating our 150 year anniversary in 2009 was a significant event in the evolution of Crown Law’s business and a milestone in the delivery of legal services to the Queensland State Government. The occasion saw the release of a book titled In my opinion: The History of Crown Law Queensland 1859 -2009.

Crown Law’s future is again founded in another year of positive financial results, with a clear direction guiding our activities.

When considering the way I want Crown Law to proceed in delivering services to clients, our Statement of Strategic Intent captures Crown Law’s holistic approach in providing excellent client service:

In pursuing its vision, Crown Law will commit to providing a reliable, unified, whole-of-Government approach to the delivery of legal services that recognises the Crown Solicitor’s unique role.
Crown Solicitor, Greg Cooper Crown Solicitor, Greg Cooper

This statement purposefully includes several components to address what I see as the key areas of ensuring quality, timely and seamless client service.

Crown Law’s leadership community is committed to the Statement of Strategic Intent and to ensuring the whole-of-Crown Law can embrace and deliver such a service.

The 2009/2010 financial year has seen many achievements contribute to Crown Law’s progress towards our goals.

In the past year, Crown Law has:

  • established a Client Counsel framework
  • strengthened our Client Relationship Management framework and continued to enhance our project management services for clients
  • progressed staged billing options for clients
  • invested in ways to improve our client service culture
  • delivered a diverse range of initiatives that contribute to the knowledge and capability development of our clients and our people, including the launch of our online Continuing Professional Development (CPD) training program
  • expanded the range of value-added services to clients
  • continued to develop leadership capabilities
  • commenced a significant quality assurance accreditation process
  • further invested in information technology and business systems to improve efficiencies and outcomes for our clients
  • increased staff numbers to more than 300 and demonstrated real commitment in our work-life balance culture.

Thank you

Crown Law is constantly evolving and improving as a business, and at the core of this is our people. The strong focus on client service in the past financial year has been achieved through the collaboration of our staff and clients working together.

I would like to thank all Crown Law staff for their efforts this financial year. Without their commitment, Crown Law would not be in the strong position and providing the high level of client service it is today.

Particular thanks is due to my colleagues in the Executive Management Group, for their support and input into driving the key business direction of the practice.

Finally, and importantly, I would like to extend my gratitude to our clients, who have supported Crown Law over this financial year and years past. We look forward to working in partnership with you to meet your needs to provide a holistic approach to your business goals in the coming financial year.

Last reviewed
25 October 2010
Last updated
24 November 2011

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