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2013 special holidays

Special holidays are holidays appointed for special events or commemorative days in certain districts throughout Queensland. These special holidays are known as 'bank' holidays and are not public holidays.
DateDistricts by city, shire or communityName of Event
5 NovemberBarcaldine Region - Barcaldine, Muttaburra and Aramac Areas.Melbourne Cup Day
27 JuneBlackall-Tambo Region - District of Tambo.Tambo 150 Year Anniversary Celebrations
5 NovemberBlackall-Tambo Region - District of Blackall.Melbourne Cup Day
22 FebruaryCity of Mount IsaMount Isa 90th Birthday Celebrations
12 AugustCommunity of KowanyamaKowanyama DOGIT Day
26 AugustCommunity of KowanyamaKowanyama Annual Rodeo
3 JuneCommunity of Palm IslandStrike 57 Commemoration Day
10 JuneCommunity of Palm IslandBWGCOLMAN Day
12 JulyCommunity of Palm IslandNAIDOC
6 SeptemberCommunity of Palm IslandSpring Fair Festival Day
3 JuneNorthern Peninsula Area RegionMabo Day
1 NovemberNorthern Peninsula Area RegionDan Ropeyarn Cup Day
5 AugustShire of AurukunAurukun Day
22 JulyShire of BouliaBoulia Camel Races
5 NovemberShire of BurkeMelbourne Cup Day
3 JuneShire of DoomadgeeMabo Day
23 AugustShire of DoomadgeeDoomadgee Day
23 FebruaryShire of Lockhart RiverFoundation Day
25 JulyShire of Lockhart RiverSt. James' Day
29 OctoberShire of Lockhart RiverDOGIT Day
3 JulyShire of MapoonNAIDOC Day
19 SeptemberShire of MapoonMapoon Day
29 NovemberShire of MapoonMapoon Mission Memorial
27 DecemberShire of McKinlayJohn McKinlay Day
12 AugustShire of MorningtonMount Isa Rodeo
5 NovemberShire of MurwehCentral Warrego Race Club Inc. Annual Melbourne Cup Race Meeting (Afternoon Only)
24 MayShire of PormpuraawNational Sorry Day
8 JulyShire of PormpuraawPormpuraaw Fishing Competition
5 NovemberShire of QuilpieMelbourne Cup Day
5 NovemberShire of RichmondRichmond Turf Club's Annual Melbourne Cup Race Meeting Afternoon Only
3 JuneShire of TorresMabo Day
1 JulyShire of TorresComing of the Light
27 SeptemberShire of WintonWinton Outback Festival
17 JuneShire of YarrabahYarrabah Foundation Day
25 OctoberShire of YarrabahYarrabah DOGIT Day
25 JanuaryTorres Strait Island Region - St. Pauls.St Pauls Anglican Church Day
4 FebruaryTorres Strait Island Region – Mabuaig.St Mary's Church Day
12 FebruaryTorres Strait Island Region - Kubin & St Pauls.Mualgal Native Title Determination Day
13 FebruaryTorres Strait Island Region – Saibai.Saibai Native Title Determination Day
18 AprilTorres Strait Island Region - St Paul's.Kozan Outreach  Church Day
1 MayTorres Strait Island Region – Hammond.Patron Saint Joseph Day
3 JuneTorres Strait Island Region (whole region).Mabo Day
14 JuneTorres Strait Island Region – Mer.Dowar Waier Observance Festival
19 JuneTorres Strait Island Region – Iama.St John the Divine Church Day
19 JuneTorres Strait Island Region – Saibai.Holy Trinity Church Day
24 JuneTorres Strait Island Region – Yorke.Parish of Loane, Independent Church of Torres Strait and Kaiwalagal Church Day
28 JuneTorres Strait Island Region – Kubin.St Peter's Church Day
28 JuneTorres Strait Island Region – Mabuiag.Wagadagam Tribal Chief Initiation Day
28 JuneTorres Strait Island Region – Warraber.Church Day - Warraber
1 JulyTorres Strait Island Region (whole region).Coming of the Light
1 JulyTorres Strait Island Region – Erub.Coming of the Light Celebrations (Kemus)
2 JulyTorres Strait Island Region - Erub & Ugar.Coming of the Light Celebrations (Medigee Village)
3 JulyTorres Strait Island Region – Yorke.Coming of the Light to Yorke Island
8 JulyTorres Strait Island Region – Boigu.Coming of the Light to Boigu
8 JulyTorres Strait Island Region – Dauan.Coming of the Light to Dauan & Native Title Determination Day
8 JulyTorres Strait Island Region – Mabuiag.Native Title Determination Day - Mabuiag
8 JulyTorres Strait Island Region - Poruma, Warraber & Yorke.Native Title Determination Days - Poruma, Warraber & Yorke
10 JulyTorres Strait Island Region – Warraber.Coming of the Light - Warraber
1 AugustTorres Strait Island Region – Saibai.1st August Annexure
6 AugustTorres Strait Island Region - Erub & Ugar.Transfiguration Church Day
7 AugustTorres Strait Island Region – Boigu.Church Day
15 AugustTorres Strait Island Region – Mer.Yam Festival
22 AugustTorres Strait Island Region – Warraber.Native Title Determination Day - Warraber
23 AugustTorres Strait Island Region (whole region).76th Anniversary  First Torres  Strait Island Councillors Conference
5 SeptemberTorres Strait Island Region – Mabuiag.Coming of the Light to Mabuiag
16 SeptemberTorres Strait Island Region – Dauan.Holy Cross Church Day
16 SeptemberTorres Strait Island Region – Iama.Turan Tabernacle Church Day Iama UPC
20 SeptemberTorres Strait Island Region - Badu, Iama, Kubin, Hammond & Ugar.Torres Strait Cultural Festival
24 SeptemberTorres Strait Island Region – Erub.Native Title Determination Day - Erub
31 OctoberTorres Strait Island Region – Badu.Coming of the Light to Badu
1 NovemberTorres Strait Island Region - Erub & Ugar.All Saints Church Day
2 DecemberTorres Strait Island Region – Poruma.St Andrew's Family Festival
4 DecemberTorres Strait Island Region – Saibai.Church Dedication Day
9 DecemberTorres Strait Island Region – Ugar.Native Title Determination Day - Ugar
12 DecemberTorres Strait Island Region – Badu.Native Title Determination Day - Badu
13 DecemberTorres Strait Island Region – Iama.Native Title Determination Day - Iama
16 DecemberTorres Strait Island Region – Boigu.Native Title Determination Day - Boigu
16 DecemberTorres Strait Island Region – Hammond.Hammond Island Church Opening Day
27 DecemberTorres Strait Island Region – Yorke.St John the Evangelist Church Day
28 OctoberWujal Wujal CommunityWujal Wujal Day

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16 November 2012
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16 November 2012

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