Our lists and registers

We keep a number of public lists and registers. Privacy laws do apply to some of the information we collect, but the following lists are open to public inspection. Fees may apply (see pages for details).


Our Acts and Regulations

We administer laws for consumers, businesses and a number of industries.

Contact list for consumer complaints

These organisations may also be able to help you in a dispute with a business. This might be for:

  • general complaints
  • product safety
  • scams
  • industry-specific complaints.


Search the register of licensees and salespeople in the:

Search the register of:

Search the register of cooperatives

Search the register of limited partnerships

Search the registers of enforceable undertakings

An enforceable undertaking is a legally binding agreement that we enter into with a business.

Depending on the situation, the business might promise to:

  • stop doing certain activities that breach our laws
  • fix or change certain activities or documents to comply with our laws
  • pay compensation to consumers affected by those activities.

We can take the matter to court if the business does not keep this promise.

Our gifts and benefits register