Liquor and gaming service charter

This service charter outlines the Office of Liquor and Gaming Regulation’s (OLGR’s) values and commitment to clients, members of the public, other agencies and fellow staff. It defines how we aim to meet the expectations of internal and external stakeholders; and states how clients can help us to help them.

You can also download a copy of OLGR’s service charter.

Our role

OLGR is responsible for:

Our values

Values govern the way we relate to our clients and each other. They are the foundation for our work and should be consistent with those set for all public servants and those of the Department of Justice and Attorney-General.

Commitment to purpose

We focus on achieving results that make a significant difference to the wellbeing of Queenslanders.

Commitment to people

We believe in developing our staff and encourage work/life balance and diversity and equity in our workforce.

Commitment to partnership

We work together collaboratively, with a strong focus on shared purpose and clear goals, respect and open communication.

Commitment to performance

We are accountable for delivering effective, timely and responsive services that contribute to achieving OLGR’s vision. We use innovation and initiative to improve our performance.

Commitment to the highest ethical standards

We demonstrate a high standard of workplace behaviour and personal conduct.

Our commitment

We will provide clients, stakeholders and colleagues with:

  • fair, impartial and unbiased service
  • courtesy, respect and professional conduct
  • clear, accurate and timely information
  • access to staff who understand the legislation we administer
  • confidentiality where appropriate
  • accessible services.

When a client or member of the public calls, we:

  • aim to answer all calls within 3 rings
  • try to answer questions without having to transfer calls
  • tell the caller who they are talking to and which unit they have called.

If we can’t answer your query immediately, we will give you the correct number to call or take a message and get back to you in less than one working day.

When OLGR is contacted by mail, fax or email, we:

  • aim to respond in less than 10 working days
  • give the enquirer the name and contact details of the person handling their matter
  • keep them informed of progress—for licence applicants this means OLGR will contact the applicant at least every 28 days.

If a stakeholder feels we have not met our charter, we ask that they:

  • try to resolve the issue with the staff member concerned
  • contact the staff member’s supervisor if the matter remains unresolved

or, if necessary,

  • put their concerns in writing to the Executive Director, who will investigate and respond (generally within 10 working days).

Help us to help you

So we can provide the best possible services, we ask clients to please:

  • make clear requests and provide correct contact details
  • tell us if your details change
  • provide accurate and complete information up-front
  • be honest and courteous when dealing with our staff
  • provide constructive feedback if necessary.

Our accountability

We measure, monitor and report on our performance by:

  • recording and responding to feedback from our clients
  • regularly reviewing this service charter to ensure it remains relevant
  • regularly assessing our performance against the commitments in this charter
  • regularly assessing our performance and sharing those results with stakeholders.

Your feedback

We welcome your feedback—it is important to us and will help improve our services. All positive and negative feedback is recorded in a register and informs staff development. Staff are recognised for good customer service and acknowledged for their efforts.

To provide feedback:

Phone 13 QGOV (13 74 68)
Note: Standard mobile charges apply

Fax (07) 3872 0998

Post Executive Director
Office of Liquor and Gaming Regulation
Locked Bag 180
City East QLD 4002