Becoming board-ready

Whether you are aiming to sit on a public, private, or not-for-profit board, there are some fundamental criteria which guide all board appointments.

To consider if you are ready to serve on a board now or in the future, this section provides information and resources for women to take the following steps:

  1. Learn about boards.
  2. Assess if you have what it takes to serve on a board.
  3. Prepare for your board role, consider mentoring, board shadowing and education options.
  4. Apply for a board role.

Am I board-ready?

The section enables you to build a personal action plan, provides you with tools to undertake self-assessments, checklists and industry links to guide you.


Part of becoming and maintaining a board position involves possessing essential skills, knowledge and capabilities. The section provides details of education service providers and will help you as an aspiring board director to address your individual educational needs.


Mentoring is a valuable service to develop your networks, increase your influence and build your capability to assist you in securing board appointments. This section provides details of mentoring service providers and will help you engage a mentor to become board ready.