Part of becoming and maintaining a board position involves possessing essential skills, knowledge and capabilities. The purpose of the WOBI Education Program is to help you as an aspiring board director to strengthen the educational skills and knowledge you have as well as provide you with opportunities to further develop key capabilities.

Ensure you have viewed the “Are you Board Ready?” Factsheet (see part 2 and part 3) and complete a self-reflection of your current skills and capabilities. It is also important to consider any specific skills or qualification requirements your boards of interest may have, to be successful in joining. If you have identified gaps then consult the list of education providers that have been specifically highlighted based on the selection criteria used in assessing board applicants.

Research highlights that effective networking with existing board members is key to enabling aspiring women to be successful in attaining board positions. Identifying and planning to address individual educational needs, mentoring, board shadowing and building an effective professional network within the board member community will all need to be considered to ensure your success.

Gaps in knowledge, skills or capabilities

There are a number of criteria that guide board appointments. Before applying for board vacancies, review the list below and consider where you have strong experience and qualifications and where you might have some educational gaps. You may not need to meet every selection criteria, as you may bring strength of skills in one or two domains that meet the needs of a particular board. But take the time to reflect and for areas you have identified as gaps, view the sample list of education programs available below.

Accounting & FinanceHuman ResourcesIntegrity, ethical behaviour
Risk ManagementStrategic ThinkingEmotional intelligence
NetworkingLegal knowledge and governanceBoard Ready CV
Leadership skillsIndustry-specific knowledgeSocial media presence
Collaboration skillsKnowledge of directors’ responsibilities

Education opportunities for aspiring women

This list provides a sample of providers that offer training, specialist services and executive coaching for aspiring women.

It is advised that before women choose a service provider, they consider specific qualification requirements of their board of interest and take into consideration their identified skills gaps.

For formal qualifications you could also consult the Australian Qualifications Framework to ensure that the training provided is in line with your educational level and needs.

AreteExecutive ™
  • Executive and Board Career Accelerator Programs
Australian Human Resources Institute (AHRI)
  • Workplace Diversity and Inclusion
Australian Institute of Company Directors
  • Company Directors Course
  • Foundations of Directorship Program
  • Mastering the Boardroom program
  • eLearning: Governance in action
  • eLearning: Interpreting Financial Statements
  • eLearning: The Role of the Director
  • eLearning: The Director Mindset
Australian Institute of Management (AIM)
  • Short courses (Centre for Public Management - CPM)
Business and Professional Women (BPW) Australia
  • Keys to Achievement
Chief Executive Women (CEW)
  • Leaders Program
  • Women in Leadership: Inspiring Positive Change!
Director Institute - Next Generation Directors
  • Effective Resume Writing
  • Specialist Services
Diversity Partners
  • Executive coaching for Leadership Development
  • Inclusive Leadership Training: Becoming a successful leader and leading with effective communication
Engineering Education Au
  • Emerging Leadership
  • Leadership Skills for Professional Women
Executive Coaching International
  • Executive Coaching
Franklin Covey
  • Leadership: Great Leaders, Great Teams, Great Results
Future Directors Institute
Get on Board Australia
  • Boardroom Bootcamp
  • Breaking into the Boardroom
Governance Institute of Australia
  • Governance and risk management short courses
  • Certificate in Governance for Not-for-Profits
  • Certificate in Governance Practice
  • Certificate in Governance and Risk Management
  • Graduate Certificate of Applied Risk Management
  • Graduate Diploma of Applied Corporate Governance
  • Graduate Diploma of Applied Risk Management and Corporate Governance
Hewsons Executive Coaching
  • Executive Coaching
Inkling Women
Institute of Community Directors Australia/OurCommunity
  • Diploma of Business Governance
  • Good Governance, Great Results
JKTech and AusIMM
  • Mining Leaders' Program 2017
Leadership Evolution
  • Executive coaching for Leadership Development
Moreton Executive Coaching
  • Executive coaching for Leadership Development
  • Questions Your Board Needs to Ask About the Finances Webinar
  • Being an Effective Chair Webinar
  • Reviewing Your Board Webinar
Self Confident Woman
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Networking (outside the company)
  • The power networking (within the company)
  • Workplace Diversity
Steam Capital Board Readiness
  • Masters in Me Program TM
The Executive Connection (TEC)
  • Executive Coaching
UGM Consulting Women in the C-Suite
  • Strategic leadership
  • Collaborative leadership
  • Change leadership
  • Executive leadership
  • Purposeful leadership
  • C-Suite Challenge
Women & Leadership Australia (WLA)
  • Elevate
  • Advanced leadership program
    Executive Ready Program
Women in Mining and Resources Queensland
  • 6 degrees of separation
Women in Technology
  • Board Readiness ™ Program
  • Step Up Program
  • ICT Executive pathway
Women on Boards
  • Getting started: Realising your board potential workshop
  • Boards On Your Horizon: Sector Specific Marketplaces
  • Board CV Masterclass
  • Next Generation of Corporate Female Leaders
  • Getting to the C Suite