Board members

The commitment of existing board members is critical to achieving gender parity and creating an inclusive board environment that embraces diversity. Moreover, many boards also have the capacity to indirectly influence diversity and inclusion outcomes across the organisation they govern, and thus play a critical role in shaping the long-term pipeline of female board directors and the culture of organisations more broadly.

To achieve change in Queensland, more board members need to play their part in advocating for the value of inclusion and diversity. As visible champions of gender diversity, board members can help set the tone for broader cultural change.

So where should board members focus to have the biggest impact? Action plans for change can focus on individual role modelling (focussing on mindsets and behaviours), board processes, as well as influencing and holding others accountable at the organisational and industry levels. Focusing across Self, Team, Organisation provides a comprehensive framework which collectively helps Queensland board members become agents of change.

Develop your action plan

Individuals, boards, organisations and industry can all become agents of change. Read the action plan's areas for reflection, suggested actions and supporting resources.

Action plan guide

Support resources and advice is available to help board members take action.