Develop your action plan

12 actions to change the status quo

Using the framework of alignment, articulation, action and accountability, the decision-maker action plan contains 12 powerful actions that individuals can take to help change the status quo.

A critical mass of key decision-makers taking these steps will have a demonstrable impact on the achievement of gender parity targets, and promote diversity and inclusion across Queensland, government, business and community organisations more broadly.

The actions relevant to key decision-makers are linked below to further resources.

The 4As framework

This framework has been designed to help decision-makers become agents of change.

There is a focus on individual role modelling (focusing on mindsets and behaviours) as well as influencing and holding others accountable.

4As framework model


1. Understand the business case for board gender parity and inclusion—beyond a focus on equality and compliance with targets.


2. Make a public pledge to establish and support achievement of gender parity targets and other similar initiatives.

3. Communicate your expectation to board members and recruiters regarding achievement of the gender parity targets.

4. Identify at least 2 opportunities per year to speak publicly about your support for board gender parity and inclusion.


5. Reflect and seek feedback on whether you are role modelling inclusion, and engage in personal development to become more inclusive.

6. Seek feedback from recruiters on statutory, policy and constitutional requirements that may be unnecessarily narrowing talent pool diversity and take action to change or remove these.

7. Participate in a mentoring program and support at least one aspiring female board director.

8. Prior to each appointment decision being made:

  • establish through your recruiters, a written recruitment plan which supports diversity and inclusion
  • ensure a track record of commitment to diversity and inclusive behaviours is included in the selection criteria.

9. When asked for personal referrals, provide a gender balanced candidate list.


10. At the time of each appointment decision:

  • participate in a mentoring program and support at least one aspiring female board director
  • prior to each appointment decision being made:

11. Require your board(s) to set gender parity and inclusion targets and to include progress in individual and board performance reviews.

12. Review monthly your board’s progress with respect to achievement of the gender party and inclusion targets and take visible action where progress is not being made.