Gender analysis online

A major barrier to women and girls participating fully in our society and economy is gender inequality. This website is designed to help you better identify gender inequality and how to address it.

'Gender Analysis Online' is a practical, step-by-step guide to improving gender equality in people’s lives and workplaces. It will assist you to understand gender issues and incorporate gender perspectives into your work.

While this resource promotes diversity and inclusion generally, its main focus is gender – particularly women and men. It gives priority to areas where women face historical and social disadvantage compared with men. It also covers the challenges faced by particular groups within a gender, such as elder women and women with a disability.

Much of the information and examples in this website relate to female and male genders. However, Gender Analysis Online is useful for assessing impacts and issues for all genders, including transgender, bi-gender and genderless people.

The information in this website builds on excellent work from across Australia and internationally (see Resources for details).

Key concepts and terms

When conducting gender analysis, it is important to clearly understand certain concepts and terms.

What is gender analysis?

Learn about gender analysis and why it is necessary.

Essentials checklist

A checklist of the key elements for developing gender-aware policy, programs and services.


Gender analysis is a process that informs and enhances your existing policy/program/service development cycle.

Case study

See how gender analysis is performed with a hypothetical case study.


Gender Analysis resources including workshops, manuals, toolkits and statistics.