Reporting on your progress

All organisations contributing to the Plan will be invited to provide information on the progress of their gender equality initiative.

Profiling the progress of your initiative through the Plan is an opportunity to showcase the dynamic, innovative and beneficial work you are delivering. It also provides an opportunity to attract new clients, partners or supporters, and highlights the success of the initiative and how it is helping to support the Strategy.

Reporting on all initiatives included in the Plan will ensure the details of the initiatives are up-to-date and will assist in measuring the full scope of activities occurring across Queensland. It will also assist in identifying gaps where services or new initiatives could be developed.

Reporting FAQs

What are the reporting timeframes?

Progress reports are planned for release mid-year in 2018 and 2020. Reporting processes are likely to commence at the beginning of each of these years.

Who else will contribute to the report?

The Strategy is a whole-of-community strategy, with the Plan including a list of initiatives being delivered by multiple stakeholders from the government, business and community sectors.

As a result, the reports will include updates on the progress as many of these listed initiatives as possible. These progress reports will provide an overview of our collective efforts to address gender inequality in Queensland.

What information will be included in the report?

The Office for Women will contact you to request information from you for inclusion in the report. We will use the contact details you supplied when providing the information about your initiative. If these details have changed, please let us know. When contacted, we will ask you for information such as any key participation figures, if the initiative is continuing and if the associated information about the initiative is current. We are also interested in good news stories or stories about project success or learnings. You may also have unique information that you would like to share such as outcomes, evaluation findings or quotes from stakeholders.

Can I contribute new initiatives to the Plan?

Yes. We encourage you to contact us at any time to let us know about any new or existing initiatives that your organisation is involved, which supports gender equality in Queensland. Updates to the website will occur frequently. You can do this by completing the online nomination form or by contacting us on the details below.

More information

To find out more about the Queensland Women’s Strategy, including the reporting requirements, please contact the Office for Women on email or phone 1800 177 577.