Quick quiz

The last 100 years has seen many positive changes to the status and roles of women. However, Queensland women still experience significant challenges that restrict their full participation in the social, economic and cultural opportunities of this state.

Take this quiz on the status of women and girls and gender equality in Queensland.

Once you have completed the quiz, the correct answers will be highlighted in green and incorrect answers in red.

  1. What percentage of female and male employees work part-time?
  2. What percentage of chief executives and managing directors are women?
  3. How much less do women earn than men over a full-time working week?
  4. Of Queensland’s 168 serving judges and magistrates, how many are female?
  5. Approximately how much lower is the superannuation balance for women aged 70 years and over, compared with men of the same age?
  6. What percentage of primary carers are women?
  7. True or false: About one in seven technicians and trades workers are women.
  8. True or false: There are more female than male students in Queensland universities.
  9. True or false: Females are over three times more likely than males to be killed by an intimate partner in Queensland.
  10. True or false: Females comprise the majority of public rental housing tenants.