Gender analysis resources and tools

Gender analysis toolkit

Our Gender analysis toolkit (PDF) (or DOCX) is a step-by-step guide for how to conduct gender analysis. You can use the toolkit in any workplace. It leads you through all 8 stages of gender analysis and includes background information, practical exercises and links to further information.

You can also download the toolkit in sections:

When you have used the toolkit, please complete the Gender analysis toolkit feedback form. Your feedback will help us to enhance the toolkit and plan future updates and gender analysis resources.

Gender equality action plan guide and template

Gender equality is a fundamental component of a civil society and equal opportunity. Without proven commitment from leaders to plan, drive and deliver on gender equality, effective change will not succeed.

The Gender equality action plan guide (PDF) (or DOCX) and Gender equality action plan template (PDF) (or DOCX) have been developed to assist government, business and community organisations to plan and take action to achieve gender equality.

Other resources and tools