Queensland women's strategy progress report 2016–2018

The Queensland women's strategy progress report 2016–2018 (PDF) (or DOCX) provides a snapshot of the significant progress the Queensland community has made over the past 2 years in implementing the Queensland women's strategy 2016–21 (the strategy).

Queensland gender equality report cards

These report cards provide a statistical snapshot of the status of gender equality in Queensland across the 4 priority areas of the strategy: participation and leadership; economic security; safety; and health and wellbeing.

Browse the strategy report cards from 2016 to 2020.

Women and men profile

The Women and men profile is an interactive online tool. Using an automated system, users can generate statistical reports about females and males in Queensland across a range of themes and topics in the selected regions of interest. This resource aims to help identify and address gender issues and achieve gender equality in Queensland society. The profile complements our annual gender equality report cards, listed above.

Queensland gender equality statistics video

This video shows key statistics for Queensland women and men and highlights the need for our continued investment in women for our better future.