Deadly Sistas

The Deadly Sistas program, developed by the Wirrpanda Foundation, aims to build proud Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander girls.Deadly Sistas

The program builds self-esteem and encourages positive social interactions and healthy choices. It also helps girls to expand their thinking, and become active members and leaders in their communities.

The program focuses on building self-esteem and confidence, pride in cultural identity, making practical cultural contributions in the community, building relationships based on mutual respect, encouraging active self development, and yarning about sexual and women’s health, drug and alcohol abuse, road safety, healthy nutrition, financial literacy and healthy relationships.

Importantly, the program uses strong Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander role models to support girls in discussing issues they may be facing.

Implemented in 12 locations across Australia, the program was launched in 5 South-East Queensland high schools in 2015, in partnership with the Institute for Urban Indigenous Health.