Suncorp, one of Australia’s largest financial services organisations, is leading the way in developing a range of policies to achieve gender and economic equality in the workplace.


In 2011, the organisation reviewed salary levels and addressed gender imbalances. In 2015, there were no cases of gender pay inequity. There have been no recurring cases of gender pay inequity since the reviews started.

A dedicated intranet page that provides information, materials and resources is in place to better support employees with parenting and caring responsibilities transition to and from the workplace.

Suncorp also has a number of initiatives aimed at promoting gender equality in the workplace, including targeted leadership development for high potential females, and ongoing upskilling to reduce unconscious bias in recruitment and promotions. Suncorp offers flexible work options to help employees to integrate their family obligations and work commitments.

These initiatives have supported growth in the number of females in senior leadership roles in Suncorp.