Support for female equestrians at Dundowran

Dundowran Equestrian Park (Hervey Bay) Association Inc

Dundowran Equestrian Park (Hervey Bay) Association Inc was funded $158,688 to construct an amenities block – including showers, a toilet and shower for people with disability, and a parent's room with toilet, shower and change facilities – to support female participation in equestrianism at Dundowran.

Since the finalisation of the female facilities, riders and volunteers have been enjoying the improved and upgraded amenities. A number of the local Riding for the Disabled Association volunteers are young mothers who are now more comfortable bringing their babies and children with them, as the new facilities cater for their needs. The new parenting room with baby changing facilities is a massive improvement.

The disabled riders and their carers also find the amenities much more accessible. This has already resulted in an increase in volunteer numbers. The carers with disabled riders are also much more comfortable knowing there are adequate amenities for all.

Active Riders and Pony Club members have now planned weekend competitions instead of 1-day comps, as there are adequate amenities to cater for overnight stays.

The Dundowran Equestrian Park Management Committee is very grateful for the Get in the Game funding the association has received. Clubs only survive from running events and the club can now be comfortable in the knowledge that they can adequately hold bigger events, cater for more riders and develop a more engaged community.