Supporting Women in Technology

Anne Pike, Principal at My Secret EA, was looking for changes in her career. As she worked with technology, she looked up the Women in Technology (WiT) programs. Anne needed the confidence to try something new but struggled to know what she wanted to do with her life and career. She attended a number of programs and events held by WiT. The Step Up program gave her the idea to look at her personal brand and explore what she had to offer.

“I found the speaker at the Step Up program just gripping and went away and did exactly what I was told to do: I defined my personal brand,” Anne said.

“I then updated my LinkedIn profile so I could start to ‘sell myself’ better as a person.”

From this process Anne was able to define what she wanted to do with her career and who she wanted to do it for.

Two months later she started her own business, created her own job description, the hours she wanted to work and how she wanted to work. She decided to use modern technology to be a virtual assistant to support others with her unique skills and experience.

The WiT program and networking events helped expose Anne to a range of other soloists in business who were able to support and guide her in her journey. She met women in all levels of management and senior roles.

Before this Anne didn’t know this WiT network existed and she is grateful for the experience and confidence it gave her to step up and start her own business.

Watch Anne talk about how WiT has helped her career.