YWCA’s Y Ability program – helping ‘find your possible’

YWCA’s Y Ability Program

The YWCA’s Y Ability Program is achieving tremendous success in changing the lives of women and girls with a disability. One such success story is securing supported independent living to make her life better.

For a long time Sara* lived a lonely life. She sat in front of the television for most of the day and had very little contact with family or friends. Her physical and mental health suffered and she felt worthless, often speaking about her life not being worth living.

Since receiving disability support services from YWCA Australia’s Y Ability program (based in Toowoomba and surrounds) Sara’s life has been transformed.

Sara has reconnected with her family and is now a proud grandmother with regular family visits. She has reconnected with her church – attending regular services – and also goes out for lunch and shopping trips. Her physical health has improved, with regular visits to the doctor and improved access to medications.  Hydrotherapy appointments also help Sara manage her disability.

“My support workers are wonderful and help me to achieve my goals, no matter how big or small they are; they really care about me,” Sara says.

YWCA Australia’s Y Ability program has helped support hundreds of clients since it first started over 10 years ago. Many clients have been with the service right from the start.

Sara is an example of the different ways that Y Ability can support people with disability to ‘find their possible’.

Y Ability also supports 3 women with complex disability to live in their own supported independent living house.

Y Ability is person-centred and supports people living with a disability with personal care, community access, activities and a day program service. In a world that has often dismissed the talents and possibilities of people with disability with ‘No, you can’t’, Y Ability gives their clients the opportunity to say ‘Yes, I can’.

YWCA Australia is a leading feminist organisation with a strong national vision supported by local programs and services. They have a vision for a future where all women – including young women and girls – are safe and respected, with equal access to power, opportunity and resources. Their goal is to positively impact the lives of more than 2 million women, young women and girls throughout Australia by the end of 2023.

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* The names in this story have been changed.