Improving Cape York justice project

Activity occurred prior to the current government.

The Department of Justice and Attorney-General is currently examining ways to improve the delivery of justice services to Cape York communities.

The department recently commissioned a report into justice services in Cape York. This work was done by a project director, who was based in Cairns.The director consulted with key stakeholders and groups who play a role in the delivery of justice services in Cape York communities, including across government and in the community.

While the work was focused on the justice system, it is also examined the importance of a whole of government approach, and the benefits when all service providers and local people work in partnership to address the issues facing Cape York communities.

A key part of the review involved talks with Cape York communities to discuss ways of responding to existing challenges and needs, and options for the future. The department is encouraged submissions about the delivery of justice services in Cape York.

Submissions closed on 9 June 2008.