Proposals for mandatory fitting of safety switches on all residential electrical installations in Queensland

Activity occurred prior to the current government.

The Electrical Safety Office (ESO) is proposing the three stage approach for the introduction of compulsory fitting of safety switches throughout all Queensland residences and temporary accommodation establishments.

It is anticipated that the three stage approach will:

  • provide significantly improved electrical safety protection for all Queenslanders and visitors
  • will have a minimal impact on electrical contractor supply and demand
  • spreads the costs over a reasonable period in the current and emerging economic climate.

The ESO is seeking stakeholder and public comment and feedback on the proposal, as outlined in the discussion paper. Any resulting proposal for legislative change will be subject to a Regulatory Impact Statement which will be published for wide public consultation and comment.

Please provide any comments or feedback by 5pm on 26 February 2010 via email to or by mail to:

Safety Switch Review
Electrical Safety Office
Department of Justice and Attorney-General
PO Box 69
Brisbane Qld 4001

Comments and feedback close 26 February 2010