Sexual Assault Counselling Privilege consultation paper

The report of the Special Taskforce on Domestic and Family Violence in Queensland, Not now, not ever: putting an end to domestic and family violence in Queensland contains 140 recommendations on how the Government and the Queensland community can better address and reduce domestic and family violence.

Recommendation 130 calls for the introduction of a sexual assault counselling privilege in Queensland, based on the New South Wales model, an absolute privilege in preliminary proceedings and a qualified privilege in other proceedings.

This recognises that victims may be more willing to seek counselling and make reports to police, without fear that their confidential counselling records will be disclosed to parties during legal proceedings, sometimes including the perpetrator.

This consultation paper has been developed to provide the opportunity for public consultation on the proposed sexual assault counselling privilege prior to the introduction of legislative amendments. The consultation paper outlines the proposed privilege model and seeks feedback on aspects of the model and asks a series of questions to assist in this process.

In providing comments or a submission please refer to the relevant question number and provide reasons and supporting details for your response. You can also provide comment on other issues which are not raised in the consultation paper that relate to the introduction of a sexual assault counselling privilege in Queensland.

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Sexual Assault Counselling Privilege: Consultation Paper

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