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Borallon positive partnerships project

The Borallon Training and Correctional Centre (BTCC) will re-open in early 2016, having been closed since 2012. While this will address immediate challenges with overcrowding in Queensland prisons, BTCC represents an exciting opportunity as expressed in its vision which is "BTCC will be the leading Australian correctional centre for the rehabilitation of young male prisoners through education, training and employment skills by 2018".

In achieving this vision, BTCC will:

  • contribute to a safe, fair and just Queensland by providing meaningful opportunities to young male prisoners to make positive changes to their lives through education, training and employment
  • enable prisoners to successfully re-integrate into the community by enhancing their employment and reintegration options, thereby reducing the risk of re-offending. 

The BTCC Positive Partnerships Project is a key component of the Centre’s recommissioning and will deliver on a number of principles that are the foundation for its operation: 

  • co-location of community organisations in the centre is integral to the operation of the centre, allowing our partners in rehabilitation to work from the inside out
  • effective partnerships underpin success
  • strong prisoner support networks improve desistance outcomes
  • partners are valued as essential to achieving prisoner education, training and employment outcomes.

The broader community has a key part to play in the success of BTCC achieving its vision. To that end it is important that key stakeholders from the community play a part in the design of the solution. The Positive Partnerships Project is working to ensure that this happens for BTCC.

Last reviewed
8 October 2015
Last updated
30 October 2015
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