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Liquor statistics

Various liquor licence types are available in Queensland under the Liquor Act 1992 and the Wine Industry Act 1994. Following is a comparison of liquor licence numbers over a 5-year period.

For more information about each licence type and the related compliance requirements, visit the liquor licensing section of the Business Queensland website.

Liquor-licensed premises in Queensland, 2012–17

Commercial hotel13511322130913061293
Commercial special facility97104110110110
Community club887896909919928
Community other436446446451451
Industrial canteen3438466764
Subsidiary off-premises9582798289
Subsidiary on-premises47194343411138513607
Wine merchant1615131310
Wine producer138138142147152

* Includes suspended licences.
^ The nightclub licence type was introduced in 2015. Prior to this, nightclubs were licensed under the ‘subsidiary on-premises (with the principle activity of entertainment)’ licence.

Last reviewed
19 January 2018
Last updated
18 January 2018
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