Criminal Proceeds Confiscation Act 2002

Activity occurred prior to the current government.

The review assessed the operation of the Act since its commencement, including the strengths and achievements of the Act and ways in which the operation of the Act may be improved.

Specifically the review sought to:

  1. Gather information on the impact of the operation of the Act.
  2. Consult with principal stakeholders in relation to areas where the Act is operating effectively in achieving its objects and factors which may have limited the achievement of the objects of the Act.
  3. Consider recommendations regarding amendment to the Act, made by the Parliamentary Crime and Misconduct Commission in its Three Year Review of the Crime and Misconduct Commission, Report No. 71 October 2006.
  4. Make recommendations for any changes that may be required to enable the Act to better achieve its objectives.

Submissions closed on 1 March 2007.