Queensland's electoral laws

Activity occurred prior to the current government.

The Government has released its response (PDF, 86.7 KB) to the consultation process on possible changes to Queensland’s electoral laws.

The Government canvassed issues and options for improvement and change to Queensland’s electoral laws.

A discussion paper (PDF, 229.2 KB)  was developed to facilitate public input into changes and improvements to the electoral laws. The discussion paper was divided into two parts:

  • Part A of the paper focused on options for reform in relation to political donations, public funding for elections and election campaign expenditure; and
  • Part B of the paper identified a range of other issues including the voting system, voter enrolment, postal voting and political advertising.

Feedback was encouraged in relation to these issues and any matter relevant to Queensland’s electoral system, to assist the Government in deciding its position on electoral reform.

Consultation closed on 1 March 2013.