Neighbourhood Disputes Resolution Bill consultation

Activity occurred prior to the current government.

The Neighbourhood Disputes Resolution Bill 2010 was passed by Parliament on 2 August 2011. Please visit our ‘New trees and fences laws’ for more information.

This consultation process has now closed.

For more than 50 years, the Dividing Fences Act 1953 (Repealed) has been the statutory authority on dividing fences.

In May 2007, the Review of Neighbourly Relations was launched and a discussion paper about the outdated dividing fences legislation was released. The overwhelming community response was that the act needed to be modernised and many sections clarified.

Two further discussion papers entitled 'Trees' and 'Resolving neighbourhood disputes' were released in July 2008. The community held strong views that the tree keeper should be responsible for the proper care and maintenance of a tree.

The Neighbourhood Disputes Resolution Bill addresses community concerns raised during both consultation processes and includes information about pool fences, retaining walls, the meaning of sufficient fence and destruction or alteration of a fence by a neighbour.

It also places responsibility for the care and maintenance of a tree on a tree keeper and introduces new remedies for neighbours in relation to trees.

The proposed new laws provide clear and practical ways to solve neighbourhood disputes about trees and fences.

Find out more about the proposed new laws: