Queensland Regulatory Simplification Plan

Activity occurred prior to the current government.

The Queensland Regulatory Simplification Plan 2009-13 outlines how the Government will review the existing stock of Queensland regulation to achieve the Queensland Government’s initial target for reducing the compliance burden to business and the administrative burden to government by $150 million per year by the end of 2012-13. Agencies are participating in one of two 3-year review phases beginning in 2009 (Phase 1) or 2010 (Phase 2).

Agency regulatory simplification plans are a way to identify opportunities to reduce unnecessary and excessive legislative requirements, and streamline administrative and procurement processes. The aim is to give time and money back to business, community and government to invest in pursuits that promote productivity, facilitate innovation and increase competitiveness. Agency regulatory simplification plans are to be action oriented to reflect changing government priorities and stakeholder consultation. To ensure agency regulatory simplification plans address the real issues of stakeholders, we are seeking your input to inform future reform directions and development of regulatory reform initiatives to ensure they deliver significant and tangible benefits to business, community and government.

Department of Justice and Attorney-General Simplification Plan

The Department of Justice and Attorney-General is responsible for administering justice in Queensland, through courts and tribunals, legal and advocacy services and community-focussed programs, policies and services. In addition, the Department has responsibilities for services to support a fair and equitable industrial relations system, safe work environments and improved personal and public electrical safety.

Services provided through the justice portfolio include:

  • administration of the courts system
  • administration of tribunals and agencies established to protect Queenslanders’ rights
  • community justice services
  • legal advice to Government
  • support for and regulation of Queensland’s industrial relations, workplace safety and electrical safety systems.

Key initiatives in the Justice Regulatory Simplification Plan

  • The National Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) Framework will reduce compliance costs, offer economies of scale in administration, training and OHS expertise, and provide consistent safety standards and rights for workers throughout Australia.
  • Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal amalgamates 18 tribunals into one tribunal to provide an independent, efficient, expert, accessible and flexible body to meet Queensland’s civil and administrative tribunal needs.
  • The review of directors’ liability will develop nationally consistent principles to increase certainty for executive officers and rationalise the imposition of liability, including maintaining the ability to prosecute executive officers in appropriate circumstances.
  • The consolidation of health and safety incident reporting arrangements will reduce and clarify incident reporting obligations to multiple agencies, especially for large, complex and high risk businesses.
  • The reform of electrical trade licensing will deliver a single national licensing system to facilitate a more mobile workforce and remove existing barriers for both employers and employees.

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