Department of Justice and Attorney-General

Date issued: 2012-03-07

The Queensland Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages has become aware of numerous online companies charging people fees to obtain birth, death and marriage certificates on a person's behalf.

These online companies are not endorsed by or affiliated in any way with the Queensland Registry. The Queensland Registry issues official Queensland birth, death and marriage certificates for a schedule fee: Births, deaths and marriages list of scheduled fees

The Registry recommends that customers only use the Birth certificate application form available from this website and apply yourself rather than through an agent.

If you have an enquiry about applying for a certificate, please contact us.

If you are considering using these online companies to administer your application you should be aware of the privacy risk and additional cost.

You may be giving a private company your personal information including name, address, birth date and place, and your signature. They may also charge ongoing monthly fees, debited from your credit card, unless you cancel your subscription.

Contact the Office of Fair Trading for advice and assistance if you have a grievance against any of these online companies.

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