Law Week 18–24 May 2020

Law Week is an annual, national event, which aims to foster a better understanding of the roles law and justice play in our society.

In 2020, it will take place from Monday 18 May to Sunday 24 May.

If you’d like to get involved, start planning your events and activities now. We’ll have an events calendar live in early 2020 to help you promote what you’re doing.

Our 2019 campaign

We ran a campaign to educate Queenslanders of all ages about new laws covering image-based abuse.

The Criminal Code (Non-consensual Sharing of Intimate Images) Amendment Act 2018 amended Queensland’s Criminal Code to address the growing issue of the distribution of intimate images without a person’s consent. This form of abuse has grown along with developments in modern technology, particularly for young people, but the effect on victims can be devastating. People of all ages need to know that sharing intimate images without consent is a crime, and this campaign aims to raise awareness of that fact.

The campaign featured on a number of media outlets. We’d love you to continue spreading the word by sharing our social posts with your followers.

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