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Joshua Stephen

No day is the same for our staff who participated in the 2016 Justice Journey’s program. Gain an insight into their role and responsibilities within the justice and legal sector and read about their experiences.

Thursday Island Probation Services Officer, Joshua Stephen, is very passionate about his experiences in the Torres Strait.


Before starting work with Queensland Corrective Services (QCS) about six years ago, Josh was at a point in his life where he started asking the big questions.

“I was at university studying something my heart wasn’t in and was unsure of my life’s direction. I yearned to know what my life’s calling was – my purpose, to find what I was passionate about. I wanted to feel like I was making a genuine difference to people’s lives,” said Josh.

So, Josh took time off from university in an effort to find himself. He worked a few different jobs before being presented with the opportunity to work for QCS – and his justice journey began.

“Through QCS I have found my life’s calling, and that’s to help people. The greatest feeling is walking out of the office, jumping in my car and knowing that today I made a difference in someone’s life. To be able to do that breathes a sense of purpose into your life that can’t be bought or sold,” said Josh.

Joshua - Thursday Island

Probation and Parole officers play a central role in keeping our community safe. They supervise offenders in the community according to orders made by a court or parole board. Supervised offenders report to Probation and Parole officers and are encouraged to take part in intervention programs.

No two days are the same for Josh, who is kept busy working on Thursday Island, flying to outer islands and travelling to mainland Australia to visit remote communities. He recalls some memorable experiences, including working on Thursday Island, flying on a five seater airplane with a magistrate and court crew when a tropical thunderstorm hit, and being chased by a dog during a home visit.

When asked about what it was like to work at Thursday Island Probation and Parole, he summed his efforts up in a few words. “My passion is one-on-one offender reporting. For a short time in someone’s life you are there to make a difference. You are there to facilitate change. While you will always have a tiny minority of people that are unable to change, there are many people out there who just don’t know how to. We have the power to change lives.”

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