Law Week Justice Journeys

Product Safety Team

No day is the same for our staff who participated in the 2016 Justice Journey’s program. Gain an insight into their role and responsibilities within the justice and legal sector and read about their experiences.

Everything from children’s toys to bicycle helmets, from cots to car jacks, and sunglasses to treadmills, have to meet safety requirements before they can be legally sold in Australia.

The Product Safety team, from the Office of Fair Trading, visit retailers, suppliers and importers to check the items they supply and sell are safe for use by Queensland consumers.

On this Justice Journey, Fair Trading inspectors visited a number of retailers for unannounced spot-checks, including one where a hoverboard was seized and sent for testing. Hoverboards are currently subject to an interim national ban, which means they can’t be sold unless they meet stringent safety standards. Due to their poor design, many hoverboard models present an unacceptable risk of catching on fire while in use or while charging.

We hope you enjoy seeing the work of the product safety team. More information about buying and using common household products safely can be found on our website.