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QPS bomb squad

No day is the same for our staff who participated in the 2016 Justice Journey’s program. Gain an insight into their role and responsibilities within the justice and legal sector and read about their experiences.

The Explosive Ordnance Response Team (EORT) are the team that explode on to the scene just like the devices they are trained to neutralise. Their objective: to provide the community and the QPS with a specialist response to explosives. Their team motto: “whatever it takes”.

Since becoming a fulltime unit in 1984, EORT has been serving the community and the QPS with a high level of expertise in response to improvised explosive devices/bombs and explosives. EORT is based in Brisbane and is made up of 10 bomb technicians and 6 Firearms and Explosive Detector Dog (FEDD) teams who on any given day can be deployed throughout Queensland. There are also part-time bomb technicians stationed throughout the state to enhance regional capabilities and reduce incident response times.

The team responds to approximately 300 jobs a year that range in incidents such as vehicle-borne improvised explosive devices (VBIEDs), improvised explosive devices (IEDs), homemade explosives (HMEs), booby traps and chemical, biological and radiological (CBR) devices. And it’s not just imminent threats the team assists with; they also are highly skilled in providing post-blast investigative assistance as well as reconstructing and testing evidence for court while working closely with forensic services and the Queensland Fire and Rescue Service. The team has been involved in three of the largest explosive operational jobs in Australia; Pullenvale (August 2014), Rochedale (November 2014) and Ipswich (2013).

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