Law Week Justice Journeys


More than 100 students applied to participate in the 2016 Law Week job shadowing program. Forty-six were placed in a variety of roles across the justice sector. They shared their Justice Journeys with us in a range of creative formats including images, video and written content.

Micah is in his final year of a Bachelor of Laws at Bond University. He has a strong interest in social justice and policy. His Justice Journey experience with the Youth Justice policy team reaffirmed his desire to pursue a career in government policy.

I had the privilege to experience a day-in-the-life of a Queensland policy officer. As part of the Law Week Justice Journeys program, I was given the opportunity to job shadow a number of senior policy officers in the Youth Justice division within the Department of Justice and Attorney-General.

Upon arrival at the State Law Building in Brisbane, I met Brad, a member of the policy team who gave me a quick tour of the offices as well as a brief overview of the different teams that make up the department. Brad had arranged for me to meet key members of each team who explained how their role fits into the policy development process. A number of the policy officers showed me the different projects that they were working on.

Later in the morning, I sat in on a meeting with the department leadership executives to discuss a recommendation they were required to give on the viability of a Government Commission. This discussion helped me understand how the work of areas such as Youth Justice overlaps with so many other departments such as Health and Communities.

I was not only brought up to speed on the matter but also asked for my opinion and thoughts. As someone who has an interest in Youth Justice and social policy it was such an honour to voice my concerns and thoughts to a group of senior executives who listened and appreciated my comments. After the meeting concluded I continued my tour of the department. I met with different teams such as the data team, the evaluation team and the projects team.

Overall, it was a very insightful day. I was able to learn more about the policy development process as well as the different roles that make up a policy team. My Justice Journey has been an incredible experience and it has definitely strengthened my goal to one day work in government policy.