Madison reflects on her 2016 Justice Journey with the department’s Director-General.

In 2016, I was given the absolute privilege of shadowing the Director-General of the Department of Justice and Attorney-General, David Mackie.

One of my greatest passions is social justice and Mr Mackie was kind enough to develop the entire day so that I would be able to meet people who have the same passions and interests as myself. This entire experience has been a fantastic opportunity and I am incredibly thankful to Mr Mackie for taking the time to get to know me and taking an interest in my passions and my aspirations.

One piece of advice that he shared with me, which I will always remember, is to take opportunities when they are presented, even if you initially think that they’re not for you. He explained that he never expected to be where he is today, but through following opportunities, no matter how personally challenging or outside of where he thought he would go, is what has brought him to where he is today.

"My advice to students that are lucky enough to be offered the chance to do a Justice Journey is to grab it with both hands".

An incredible part of this experience was when he took me to meet Queensland’s Attorney-General, the Honourable Yvette D’Ath. I think she is an incredible lady who has such an extensive list of achievements – both within Parliament and the wider community. I was so honoured to meet her, and even after this journey she's continued to encourage and support me in my interests.

This experience allowed me to appreciate what I could pursue in the future and gave me such a great insight into what I can achieve one day. My advice to students that are lucky enough to be offered the chance to do a Justice Journey is to grab it with both hands. It’s a wonderful experience, and you never know where it might lead you.

I would also like to thank the Department of Attorney-General’s staff who organised this wonderful opportunity for me. I encourage everyone to support those who are involved in Justice Journeys 2017 by following their journeys as they unfold throughout Law Week.

You can also take a look at my Journey or hear from me, one year on, as I look back at the journey I took, here.