The Corporate Governance Unit (CGU) plays an important part within the Department of Justice and Attorney-General (DJAG). But what is the CGU? To put it simply, it is the management of management.

There are a number of activities and business plans in place to ensure DJAG performs highly and reaches its objectives, as well as be accountable and deliver on its intended purpose for the Queensland Government and the Queensland community. The CGU team assist with ensuring this happens for DJAG.

The CGU provides governance advice and undertakes governance activities in the following areas:

Photo for JJTo date, the CGU team is made up of nine staff, including advisors at varying levels and a director

  • Government commitments
  • Planning
  • Risk management
  • Performance Management
  • Reporting
  • Gifts and benefits
  • Complaints management

There is a lot the CGU team need to consider when undertaking these tasks. They need to take into account public service laws and legislation and whole-of-government frameworks and guidelines. The CGU team focus on two core aspects:

  • Accountability: how we use governance arrangements to ensure that we meet legislative and policy requirements and community expectations.
  • Performance: how we use governance arrangements to contribute to our overall performance and the delivery of outcomes.

Photo for JJSome of the Corporate Governance Unit Team

The CGU team have a big responsibility in putting together the strategic plan for DJAG. This plan sets the scene for DJAG’s vision, purpose and values. The CGU team are also responsible for delivering major annual tasks including preparing for estimates and compiling annual reports and budget papers.

At any point in time, the CGU team can be working on a number of different tasks, so being well organised is key. It pays to be flexible and agile as well, as one minute you could be working on reporting and the next your team leader could need a brief urgently written. The CGU team have also developed excellent communication and interpersonal skills as they are regularly interacting with other staff from across the department, from explaining and interpreting a policy or procedure, or liaising with stakeholders. Working in the CGU team is rewarding and while there aren’t often many quick wins, there is a sense of reward once a task or project is finished and you can see the final product.

Photo for JJSome of the Corporate Governance Unit team meeting for one of their regular catch-ups

Photo for JJThe Corporate Governance Unit team have developed excellent communication skills