Queensland Corrective Services trainees go through a ten-week intensive training program to become Custodial Correctional Officers (CCO). We follow Catrina, John and Luke’s journeys.

The Queensland Corrective Services (QCS) Academy, based in Wacol, trains Custodial Correctional Officers (CCO) whose role it is to ensure safety and security within correctional facilities, and to assist in the rehabilitation and case management of prisoners through encouragement to engage in programs and other activities whilst in custody. Officers work with prisoners to ensure they are adequately prepared for their release to the community. We follow three new QCS recruits through the ten week Custodial Officers Entry Program (COEP). The program focusses on legislation, safety, security, prisoner management and skills such as communication, control and restraint, control room management and firearms.

QCS academy QCS Academy trainees John, Catrina and Luke.

Catrina from Loganholme, John from Brisbane and Luke from Gympie decided to do the COEP for different reasons.

Catrina had a career in retail for over 10 years prior to joining QCS. She has acquaintances who have been working in corrective services who encouraged her to give it a go. With the support of her family and her unwavering enthusiasm, Catrina applied and was accepted into the program.

John has a degree in law from QUT and decided to take up something challenging. John hopes to gain first-hand experience as a custodial officer in the corrective services and see where this journey leads him to within the justice system.

For anyone interested in becoming a CCO, please visit the Manpower website.

Luke lives in the Maryborough region where the Maryborough Correctional Centre has a high percentage of prisoners who are from Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander background. Luke felt with his heritage it was his calling to become a correctional officer to work with and connect with prisoners through their shared cultural association.

The QCS Academy trainees go through a demanding 10-week training program consisting of:

  • eight weeks contact training;
  • one week of operational observations in a custodial environment; and
  • one week on the job orientation.

At the completion of the COEP, trainees have approximately nine months whilst on the job to expand on the skills and knowledge taught, to complete the Certificate III in Correctional Practice - Custodial.