As part of Law Week 2017, I was given the opportunity to job shadow the members of the Youth Justice Policy, Research and Partnerships team for a day and the experience went far too quickly.

Photo for JJGreat to see the passion the team has to help make a difference to young people's lives. Cassandra (left) and Candace Wakeham, Manager, Youth Detention Projects (right)

The day started with meeting the Director of Youth Justice Policy, Research and Partnerships and we spoke about the value of restorative justice, which cemented my knowledge from previous university subjects and reinforced my confidence in the Youth Justice system that positive results are achievable when approved policies are implemented. The manager of Youth Justice Policy planned the rest of my day to ensure there was time to sit with the various members of the team.

First, the senior policy officers took me through the drafting process of Policy submissions, which revealed the extent of consultations required with other government agencies and/or external organisations to ensure the policies are reasonable and in line with best practice for the young people of Queensland. Moving on to the Senior Evaluation Officer in the Restorative Justice Evaluation team where the Youth Justice conferencing process is being improved and expanded upon to increase positive outcomes for young offenders and victims.

Photo for JJ Learning about what the Policy, Research and Partnerships team get up to day-to-day (From left to right: Frances Gavilan, Senior Evaluation Officer, Cassandra and Joseph Lopez, Senior Service Support Officer)

The Senior Service Support Officer of the Youth Justice Practice team explained how they assist with inquiries from service centre staff and the development of new ideas to monitor a young person’s development with the use of modern technology. I finished the day with the Director of the Youth Justice Practice, Program and Design team going through the processes used for best practice when dealing with the young people at court and in detention.

Spending time with the members of the Youth Justice team opened my eyes to many more positions available within the Youth Justice area of the Department of Justice and Attorney-General. It was very refreshing to be around people who are passionate and very enthusiastic about making a difference to the lives of Queensland’s young people.

Photo for JJ Meeting some of the Youth Justice Policy, Research and Partnerships team: Cassandra (left) and Phil Hall, Director, Policy, Research and Partnerships (right)