Through Justice Journeys, I was offered the exciting opportunity to job shadow court coordinators in the Childrens Court in Brisbane and also learn about the Youth Justice Transition 2 Success program. As a fourth year Justice and Behavioural Science student, I am always excited to gain as much knowledge and experience in the justice system as I can.

Jessica 2Meeting the Transition 2 Success Project Manager, Nick.

The first part of my journey started out at the Old Childrens Court where I met with Nick, the Transition 2 Success Project Manager. Nick gave me a brief overview of how my day would be spent before explaining his role in the program as well as the role of Youth Justice within the court system.

I was introduced to the court coordinator for the Childrens Court, who I would be job shadowing for the first half of the day. Together we walked to the Supreme and District Courts on George Street and along the way talked about their role and what I could expect to see within the courts that day. They explained to me that Youth Justice court coordinators provide advice, act as a consultant to other departmental staff and act in the best interests of young people, their families and the community.

Jessica 3Learning about the Transition 2 Success program.

Once we arrived at the courts, we went through security and up to Courtroom 24 on the seventh floor where I was seated in the public gallery at the back while they sat up at the bar table. The next couple of hours were full of mentions and sentencing reviews which were great to experience firsthand. After we were excused, we walked back to the Old Childrens Court where I was met by Nick once again.

During the second half of the day, I learned all about the Transition 2 Success program and opportunities it provides for young people.

Nick explained the program was developed to help give young people opportunities which they may have missed out on, and which may help them succeed in life. These included a range of courses and certificates as well as programs to help them improve literacy, numeracy and life skills.

Jessica 4The passion Nick projected about his work within this program was inspiring.

The passion that Nick projected about his work within this program was so inspiring and it is so great to know that young people have hard-working, dedicated people who want to help them succeed. I also got the chance to watch a few animated videos that were created by young people, in collaboration with artists, to tell their story and what they have achieved through the Transition 2 Success program. It was amazing to hear that the program really had changed the lives of young people and aided them in finding their passion and following it.

Although my journey was supposed to end after one day, I was invited back to attend the Magistrates Court on Thursday as it was generally busier and would give me more exposure to the court system. This court was much more interactive and the Magistrate was great at communicating with the young people rather than just with their legal representative. I also noticed that the court coordinators were much more involved in this court, often being asked to report on how well the young person was doing in school or other programs.

Jessica 5Getting to talk to Nick about the work they do.

Overall, this Justice Journey was much more than I expected. Everyone that I met was so welcoming and happy to answer any questions that I had. It was great to see how hardworking and passionate everyone was and how committed they were to helping young people succeed. My experience in the courts and at the Transition 2 Success program has been invaluable and confirmed my passion for justice through showing me the important and inspiring work that Youth Justice does.