Rochelle, Kiarah and Olivia’s day spent with Queensland Corrective Services (QCS) High Risk Offender Management Unit (HROMU) offered a unique behind the scenes view of offender management.

Law students, Kiarah, Olivia and Rochelle were excited at the unique chance to job shadow senior advisors from Queensland Corrective Services High Risk Offender Management Unit (HROMU). Together, Rochelle and Olivia documented the journey.

Spending the day shadowing the employees at HROMU was a very enlightening and engaging experience.

This unit is responsible for the management of offenders who are subject to supervision orders under the Dangerous Prisoners (Sexual Offenders) Act 2003 (the Act).  The operational unit comprises the Electronic Monitoring and Surveillance Unit (EMSU) and the Case Management team. The strategic and corporate governance function of HROMU is coordinated by the Strategic Risk and Support team. This team is based in central office and coordinates key court processes including contravention, and has oversight of the custodial management of DPSOA offenders.

Our day with the Strategic Risk and Support team started with an overview of HROMU management and the offender supervision process. In many cases offenders under the Act released on supervision orders will be required to wear a tracking device. If an offender is released by the Supreme Court to a supervision order they will be allocated a case manager for their supervision.

We attended the Supreme Court of Queensland where two matters were heard before Justice Brown. One matter was to consider an application for release and the other was to consider the terms and conditions of a supervision order. We attended a pre-hearing meeting then attended the courtroom where the matters were heard.

We were also shown the process through which offenders are charged under the Act and come to the attention of HROMU.

Being part of this day and job shadowing the senior advisors was interesting and informative.  It opened our eyes to the important role this team plays in the management and review of prisoner sentences, the court process and administration of the law within this.