Brisbane Magistrates Court is one of the busiest courts in Queensland. What William experienced during his two days job shadowing Chief Magistrate Rinaudo and Deputy Chief Magistrate Gardiner has fueled his career ambitions.

As part of Law Week’s Justice Journeys I was given the privilege of a work experience placement at the Brisbane Chief Magistrate’s office.

I observed alongside Chief Magistrate Judge Rinaudo and Deputy Chief Magistrate Gardiner whom took a genuine interest in my placement. The magistrates took time out of their busy schedule to spend one on one time with me. They were very willing to impart some of their wisdom to an aspiring lawyer.

One particular experience that I found immensely fascinating was when Chief Magistrate Rinaudo asked my views on some written submissions that he had been provided and then asked me to sit in on his ruling for this matter.

Another highlight of the placement was sitting in police applications when Magistrate Gardiner considered an application for a post-search approval order. These two experiences gave me a profound insight into the criminal justice system.

I observed court proceedings from the bench, next to the court clerk, for a range of different matters. This included criminal hearings, civil applications, and length sentencing. I was lucky enough to sit in on some matters held in Childrens Court and Murri Court – both of which are closed to the general public.

Overall, this experience has motivated me to pursue a career within the criminal justice system. I would like to thank the entire Brisbane Chief Magistrate’s office who provided me with this wonderful opportunity. I highly recommend this experience for any student offered the chance to undertake a Justice Journey.