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Wages recovered for Central Queensland and Wide Bay workers

Central Queensland workers received more than $218,000 in recovered wage arrears following a compliance campaign by Department of Employment and Industrial Relations inspectors.

Regional Manager for Industrial Relations Darryl Giddins said 220 employers were audited in Central Queensland and Wide Bay and 116 wage complaints resolved during the December quarter.

Mr Giddins said the audits were part of a statewide campaign which targeted a broad cross section of workplaces but in Central Queensland and Wide Bay mainly focused on the fruit and vegetable industry and retail sector.

He said most of the wages recovered were for young workers, women and casual employees.

“Workplace audits are conducted to make sure employers comply with industrial and child employment laws and employees receive proper entitlements,” he said.

“Most employers do the right thing by their staff but our inspectors sometimes get called in for complaints or disagreements over pay levels that can’t be resolved.

“Workplace audits play an important role in helping to educate employers and employees about the current industrial laws and nearly all cases are resolved through education and negotiation.

“However, occasionally we have to prosecute to recover money owed to employees.”

For more information about awards and pay entitlements visit or call 1300 369 945.

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1 February 2010
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5 November 2015
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