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2011 Media Statements

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* Ministerial Media Statement

Birth, deaths and marriages

Flood and Cyclone recovery

[+] 2011-02-18

Working with asbestos: roof cleaning

Workplace Health and Safety Queensland (WHSQ) today warned of risks from cleaning asbestos “fibro” roofs with high pressure water blasters. Read more

[+] 2011-02-11

Free legal help extended to Queensland cyclone victims *

The Queensland Government and key legal organisations are extending their free legal information and advice services to Queenslanders affected by cyclones Anthony and Yasi. Read more

[+] 2011-02-10

Fee waiver extended to Cyclone Yasi victims *

The Bligh Government has extended a waiver on fees to replace important documents lost in the damage caused by Cyclone Yasi. Read more

[+] 2011-02-10

Asbestos experts deployed to cyclone clean-up *

Asbestos experts have been deployed in far north Queensland to help councils, residents and businesses clean up after Cyclone Yasi. Read more

[+] 2011-02-07

Cyclone safety messages audio available

Cyclone safety news grabs and community service announcements are now available from the Department of Justice and Attorney-General. Read more

[+] 2011-02-03

Take extreme care with electricity in cyclone aftermath *

North Queensland residents are being warned about electrical dangers in the wake of Tropical Cyclone Yasi. Read more

[+] 2011-02-03

Be wary around asbestos in cyclone clean-up *

North Queensland residents, workers and volunteers are being warned about the dangers posed by asbestos in the clean-up after Tropical Cyclone Yasi. Read more

[+] 2011-01-22

Special workplace safety hotline to help with flood clean-up *

Workplace Health and Safety Queensland (WHSQ) has set up a flood clean-up hotline to further help employers and workers stay safe during the flood recovery. Read more

[+] 2011-01-21

Free legal services on offer to flood victims *

Hundreds of lawyers from across the state will next week begin providing free legal advice to flood-affected Queenslanders trying to get their lives back on track. Read more

[+] 2011-01-20

Flood safety messages audio available

Flood safety news grabs and community service announcements are now available from the Department of Justice and Attorney-General. Read more

[+] 2011-01-15

Don't mess with asbestos in flood clean-up

Workplace Health and Safety Queensland (WHSQ) and the Queensland Asbestos Related Diseases Support Society (QARDSS) today urged particular care when cleaning buildings built before 1990, which were likely to include asbestos sheeting and other asbestos-containing materials. Read more

[+] 2011-01-12

Queensland's floods, solar panels and electrical safety

The Queensland Electrical Safety Office has issued a warning to residents about the electrical safety risks posed by solar panels in flooded areas. Read more

[+] 2011-01-12

Take extreme care with electricity during flood disaster *

South-east Queensland residents and volunteers have been urged to exercise extreme caution while dealing with electrical issues during the current flood disaster. Industrial Relations Minister Cameron Dick said the use of electricity and electrical equipment during the flood event posed significant safety risks. Read more

[+] 2011-01-10

Free legal information for Queensland flood victims *

The State Government and the legal profession are combining forces to provide free legal information to Queensland flood victims. Read more

[+] 2011-01-06

Certificate fees waived for flood victims *

The Bligh Government has moved to ease some of the financial pressures on flood victims by waiving fees to replace important documents and deferring unpaid fines. Read more

[+] 2011-01-05

Electrical, asbestos danger warnings for flood clean-up *

Queensland residents and volunteers are being warned about the dangers posed by electricity and asbestos during the flood clean-up. Read more

Industrial relations

[+] 2011-11-29

Families can now look forward to extra long weekend in 2012 *

Queensland families can now start making plans for an extra long weekend in 2012 following the passage of laws through State Parliament today. Read more

[+] 2011-11-16

Public holiday changes a step closer *

Legislation has been introduced into State Parliament that will allow for the proposed shake-up of Queensland’s public holidays. Read more

[+] 2011-11-07

Extra day off for workers in 2012 as part of holiday shake-up *

The Queen’s Birthday will be celebrated in October and a special holiday to mark the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee will be held in June next year as part of the Government’s shake-up of public holidays. Read more

[+] 2011-10-11

Department to evaluate administration of clothing outworker code

The Office of Fair and Safe Work Queensland will conduct an evaluation of the clothing outworker code of practice, which has been in operation for more than nine months. Read more

[+] 2011-09-19

Is Queensland going on a summer holiday? *

Queenslanders could be celebrating the Queen’s Birthday public holiday in the second half of the year and enjoying an extended school holiday break at Easter as part of a review of the State’s holidays. Read more

Justice services

[+] 2011-12-20

Ethical conduct a priority for Justice and Attorney-General

The Department of Justice and Attorney-General has an Ethics Awareness Strategy to promote ethical and professional conduct by employees throughout the organisation. Read more

[+] 2011-12-07

Fine Collection highest for November

Queensland’s State Penalties Enforcement Registry (SPER) had a record breaking November, collecting $19.8 million in unpaid fines and debts. Read more

[+] 2011-12-02

Public comment sought for retail lease legislation review *

The Queensland Government is inviting public input to the review of retail leasing legislation. Read more

[+] 2011-12-02

Queensland Justice Icons turn two

This week Victim Assist Queensland (VAQ) joined Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal (QCAT) in celebrating two years in operation and some significant milestones. Read more

[+] 2011-12-01

New laws clarify dangerous dog rules *

Owners of dogs that attack or kill someone will face jail time following the introduction of Criminal Code amendments to State Parliament. Read more

[+] 2011-12-01

Tough new laws for violent and sexual offenders *

Violent and sexual offenders will serve almost two-thirds of their prison sentence under tough new laws introduced into Parliament. Read more

[+] 2011-11-15

Nineteen cannabinoids banned in lead up to Schoolies *

Attorney-General Paul Lucas has today announced a further 19 cannabinoids used to manufacture fake illicit drugs like Kronic have been banned in the lead up to Schoolies Week. Read more

[+] 2011-11-09

Digital upgrade for Fraser Coast courtrooms *

State-of-the-art technology will be installed in two Fraser Coast courthouses as part of an upgrade of audio-visual and digital equipment in Queensland courts. Read more

[+] 2011-11-01

New legislation for neighbourhood disputes in effect today *

New legislation to help resolve disputes about overhanging trees and dividing fences is in effect today. Read more

[+] 2011-10-16

Proposed amendments to Queensland dog laws *

The Queensland Government has released a draft amendment to the Queensland Criminal Code with the intention of having a specific provision dealing with serious injury or death caused by a dangerous dog. Read more

[+] 2011-10-14

New drug law puts hole in supply chains *

People found to be in possession of chemicals and ingredients used to manufacture illegal drugs could face trafficking charges when amendments recently introduced to Queensland Parliament are passed. Read more

[+] 2011-10-14

New laws to stop the sale of synthetic drugs *

Individuals selling synthetic cannabis in Queensland will no longer be able to circumvent laws prohibiting their sale by changing the ingredients in the product. Read more

[+] 2011-09-29

Report highlights department’s efforts in disaster support *

Help and support for people affected by Queensland’s summer of natural disasters are among the highlights outlined in the Department of Justice and Attorney-General’s latest annual report. Read more

[+] 2011-09-13

State Government considers strengthening dangerous dog laws *

The State Government will examine if potential amendments need to be made to the Queensland Criminal Code to ensure strict consequences are in place for owners of dangerous dogs who do not take reasonable steps to stop their pets killing or injuring people or other animals. Read more

[+] 2011-09-02

Far Northern Queensland legal community farewells respected judge *

Deputy Premier and Attorney-General Paul Lucas has acknowledged the distinguished legal career of Justice Stanley Jones AO at a valedictory ceremony in Cairns. Read more

[+] 2011-08-03

Indigenous mediators sought for Brisbane

Indigenous Brisbane residents wanting to help their community members find workable solutions to their disputes are invited to attend a free information session tomorrow night (Thursday 4 August). Read more

[+] 2011-07-29

New Far Northern Judge appointed to Supreme Court *

Deputy Premier and Attorney-General Paul Lucas has announced the appointment of a new Far Northern Judge of the Supreme Court of Queensland. Read more

[+] 2011-07-19

Deputy Premier acknowledges “fine” collection *

The State Penalties Enforcement Registry (SPER) has had another massive year of debt recovery in 2010-11. Read more

[+] 2011-07-19

Better labelling and recording of cremations and burials in Queensland *

The Bligh Government will amend the Cremations Act 2003 and the Births, Deaths and Marriages Act 2003 to ensure greater peace of mind for grieving families, Deputy Premier and Attorney-General Paul Lucas announced today. Read more

[+] 2011-07-17

Government asks Sentencing Advisory Council to review sentences imposed on child sex offenders *

Deputy Premier and Attorney-General Paul Lucas has asked the independent Sentencing Advisory Council (SAC) to review the sentences imposed on offenders convicted of sexual crimes against children. Read more

[+] 2011-07-16

Government to consider changes to jury selection laws *

The Queensland Government will consider changes to the Jury Act 1995 to ensure Queensland’s juries remain representative of our community. Read more

[+] 2011-07-05

Deputy Premier celebrates NAIDOC Week *

Deputy Premier and Attorney-General Paul Lucas today celebrated NAIDOC Week at a special flag raising ceremony to acknowledge the unique contribution of Queensland’s Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. Read more

[+] 2011-07-01

SPER Driver Licence Suspension amnesty over *

Queenslanders with unpaid fines have been urged to pay up or risk having their driver licence suspended. Read more

[+] 2011-06-23

Better access to support for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander victims of crime

Aboriginal and Torres Straight Islander victims of crime will have betteraccess to support services following the launch of a new fact sheet by Victim Assist Queensland today. Read more

[+] 2011-06-14

Justice services boosted by Budget *

Queensland’s billion-dollar justice budget will continue to build on the Queensland Government’s commitment to a fair, safe and just society in 2011-12. Read more

[+] 2011-05-20

Free Justices of Peace workshops for the Gold Coast *

Justices of the Peace and Commissioners for Declarations on the Gold Coast will be treated to a number of free workshops designed to enhance their highly-valuable skills. Read more

[+] 2011-05-19

Humpty Dumpty to star in Law Week Open Day on Saturday

If only Humpty had worn a safety harness, or used a scaffold with edge protection. Read more

[+] 2011-05-16

Strict rules govern name changes for Queenslanders

More than 6000 Queenslanders changed their name last year through the State Department of Justice’s Registry of Birth, Deaths and Marriages. Read more

[+] 2011-05-13

New judge appointed to District Court *

Deputy Premier and Attorney-General Paul Lucas today announced the appointment of a new judge to the District Court of Queensland. Read more

[+] 2011-05-13

Deputy Premier to walk for justice *

Deputy Premier and Attorney-General Paul Lucas will take part in a Walk for Justice on Monday May 16 to help raise funds to promote pro bono work by lawyers and officially kick off the State's Law Week activities. Read more

[+] 2011-05-13

Help solve a crime during Law Week

School students attending the Brisbane Magistrates Court’s Open Day on May 21 will be asked to help solve a “crime”. Read more

[+] 2011-05-12

Townsville court volunteers clock up 20 years of service

When Queensland marks Law Week (May 16-21) a group of Townsville volunteers will be having a quiet celebration of their own. Read more

[+] 2011-05-10

Students invited to take a look at the law during Law Week *

Law Week 2011 (16-21 May) is a great chance for Queenslanders to get involved in law and understand Queensland’s legal system. Read more

[+] 2011-05-06

Hansel and Gretel to plead self defence

Hansel and Gretel will face the Brisbane Magistrates Court on Saturday May 21 to plead self defence in the Gingerbread House murder case. Read more

[+] 2011-05-05

Victims of crime remembered on Homicide Awareness Day *

Deputy Premier and Attorney-General Paul Lucas joined with families and friends of victims of crime to mark Homicide Awareness Day. Read more

[+] 2011-04-11

Flying keys give entrée to courtroom drama

When Roxane Canning left school in the 1980s, an interest in all things legal led her not to law school but to court reporting. Read more

[+] 2011-04-07

Government cracks down on political donations *

New electoral reform laws have been introduced in Parliament today. Read more

[+] 2011-03-24

Legal loopholes closed after tough new laws passed *

Tough new laws targeting murderous ex-lovers, graveyard vandals and unfair landlords have been passed in Parliament today. Read more

[+] 2011-03-18

Queensland’s Chief Magistrate reappointed *

Deputy Premier and Attorney-General Paul Lucas has announced the re-appointment of Queensland’s Chief Magistrate. Read more

[+] 2011-03-14

More jail time for animal cruelty *

The maximum penalty for people who deliberately and unlawfully inflict severe pain or suffering on animals will more than triple in most cases under tough new proposed laws approved today by State Cabinet. Read more

[+] 2011-03-13

$10.4M Toowoomba Courthouse upgrade unveiled *

Deputy Premier and Attorney-General Paul Lucas today officially opened the Toowoomba Courthouse following a $10.4 million refurbishment. Read more

[+] 2011-02-17

Extra judge, appointments ensure courts maintain efficiency *

Attorney-General Cameron Dick has announced a series of acting judicial appointments to cover the absence of Justice Catherine Holmes, who is heading up the Floods Commission of Inquiry. Read more

[+] 2011-02-17

Appointment of new Supreme Court judge boosts judicial numbers *

The Queensland Government has moved quickly to appoint an extra judge to the Supreme Court of Queensland. Read more

Workplace health and safety

[+] 2011-12-23

Rural workers urged to take care during flood clean up

Rural workers cleaning up after summer storms and flooding have been urged to heed safety advice because of the special work safety issues they face on the land. Read more

[+] 2011-12-23

Reminder to operators of earthmoving equipment – EPC licences no longer required under new work health and safety laws

Changes to occupational licensing in Queensland take effect from 1 January 2012 when the Work Health and Safety Act 2011 comes into force, following the national decision to license only those occupational classes that meet the agreed criteria for high risk work. Read more

[+] 2011-12-13

Workplaces urged to manage fatigue in the Christmas rush *

Queensland workplaces are being warned against taking shortcuts with health and safety in the annual rush to finish work before Christmas. Read more

[+] 2011-12-02

Employers urged to take care of young workers *

Industrial Relations Minister Cameron Dick has encouraged Queensland employers do the right thing to ensure the safety of young workers starting their first job at this time of year. Read more

[+] 2011-11-25

Church service commemorates asbestos deaths *

A special church service commemorating the lives of Queensland workers who have died of asbestos-related diseases was held in Brisbane today as part of Asbestos Awareness Week. Read more

[+] 2011-11-24

Workforce urged to ‘eat, drink and think safety’ this Christmas *

Queensland workers and employers are being urged to adhere to a few common-sense rules to keep workplaces safe during the upcoming festive season. Read more

[+] 2011-11-21

Queenslanders urged to heed asbestos safety tips this storm season *

Industrial Relations Minister Cameron Dick is urging homeowners and businesses to follow safety protocols when cleaning up any damage to materials containing asbestos this coming storm season. Read more

[+] 2011-11-07

New report aims to boost safety in Queensland gymnastics clubs *

A new report has found Queensland gymnastics and trampoline clubs need to improve safety for sport participants. Read more

[+] 2011-07-28

Flu warning for Queensland workplaces

Queensland employers have been reminded to promote the control and spread of influenza in the workplace, or suffer the consequences of lost productivity from a sick workforce. Read more

[+] 2011-07-10

Reference group to examine workplace bullying *

The Bligh Government is putting workplace bullying under the microscope, setting up a special reference group to examine the issue. Read more

[+] 2011-06-30

Nominations are open for the 2011 Queensland Safe Work Awards 30 June 2011 *

Industrial Relations Minister Cameron Dick has called on Queensland businesses and individuals to showcase their commitment to workplace safety by entering the 2011 Queensland Safe Work Awards Read more

[+] 2011-05-26

Queensland leads way in workplace safety reforms *

The Bligh Government’s commitment to worker safety has been further demonstrated with the passing of new laws that continue to provide strong protections for workers while reducing red tape for businesses. Read more

[+] 2011-05-24

Sham contracting in construction under the spotlight *

The Bligh Government has launched an immediate review of contracting arrangements in the construction industry as part of a suite of further reforms to safeguard Queensland's workers' compensation scheme. Read more

[+] 2011-05-18

New resource to help reduce injuries in timber industry *

The Queensland Government has developed new guidelines to help protect the state's 20,000 timber workers and reduce workplace injuries in the industry. Read more

[+] 2011-05-10

New workplace safety Bill to protect workers and cut red tape *

The Bligh Government has introduced new legislation that will uphold the state’s stringent workplace safety standards as well as making life easier for Queensland’s employers. Read more

[+] 2011-03-30

Queensland construction workers bust a gut for health *

Queensland construction workers are set to become the biggest losers after taking up the 'Bussta Gut' health and weight loss challenge. Read more

[+] 2011-03-09

Crane Safety Warning

Workplace Health and Safety Queensland urges employers and crane operators to take extra care after a spate of incidents in recent weeks. Read more

[+] 2011-03-03

Have your say on National Workplace Health and Safety laws *

Minister for Industrial Relations Cameron Dick today invited Queenslanders to have their say on new national workplace health and safety laws. Read more

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