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Central Queensland awarded funding for work health initiatives

Mackay and Central Queensland businesses have been awarded nearly $190,000 out of a total of $500,000 on offer for Queensland organisations leading the way in work safety initiatives, Workplace Health and Safety Queensland head Dr Simon Blackwood said today.

Dr Blackwood said the result showed the great work being done in the area to help boost work health, safety and productivity.

Mackay Area Industry Network Co-operative Ltd has been awarded a $50,000 grant to help fund its MAIN Healthy Initiative Challenge which targets the mining, mining services, engineering, manufacturing and construction services sectors with a focus on physical activity and cardiovascular health.

The funding for MAIN Healthy Initiative Challenge and the other grants in the Mackay and Central Queensland area are made under the High Risk Industry Work Health Funding Program.

Blackwater's Yancoal Coal Company Pty Ltd also secured $50,000 for its Yarrabee Health and Wellbeing Program which promotes healthy eating and physical activity among its workers, particularly shift workers.

Rolleston Coal Pty Ltd, operating out of the Bowen Basin, has been awarded $42,000 for its Your Life Health and Wellness Program which targets both employees and sub-contractors with a range of activities to improve health and fitness.

These include the provision of individual health assessments, nutritional advice, physical activity sessions, awareness campaigns and changes to the environment such as an audit of the on-site catering facility and on-site exercise facilities.

NRG Gladstone Power Station picked up $5000 for its NRGizing Your Health initiative promoting healthier eating and lifestyle among its workers.

Transdev TSL Brisbane Ferries Pty Ltd, with projects in both Brisbane and the Bowen Basin, secured $26,000 in funding for its Be fitter, Be safer education campaign about chronic illness and healthy lifestyles, a physiological health screening for workers and a 10,000 Steps Challenge.

ISS Integrated Services Pty Ltd, operating out of Moranbah, secured nearly $15,000 for its A New LEAF - Lifestyle, Education Awareness, Fitness initiative targeting remote location construction employees and subcontracting staff which provides workers with the knowledge to make positive changes to their health.

The funding was provided under the government's High Risk Industry Work Health Funding Program which aims to improve the health and wellbeing of workers in identified high risk industries, including the:

  • building and construction industry
  • transport and storage industry
  • mining and resources industry and associated supply chain in rural and regional Queensland.

Dr Blackwood said the program was helping to improve worker health in Queensland.

“Through this funding, we will see local businesses improve their safety and productivity by implementing best practice worker health and wellbeing initiatives,” Dr Blackwood said.

“We know that a healthy workplace is a productive workplace and we know that health and wellbeing can impact on performance and productivity.

“The research tells us that better worker health can lead to a reduction in workplace injury and illness, a significant reduction in sick leave absenteeism and reduced workers’ compensation claims.”

To be eligible for funding, projects must address one or more of the risk factors of smoking, poor nutrition, harmful alcohol consumption, physical inactivity and overweight and obesity.

The projects encourage healthy behaviours and create a supportive work environment to make healthy choices easier for workers.

Information and practical resources to assist organisations to plan and implement effective workplace health and wellbeing initiatives are published to  

The High Risk Industry Work Health Funding Program is part of the Queensland Workplaces for Wellness Initiative, which is a joint Australian, State and Territory Government initiative under the National Partnership Agreement on Preventive Health.

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16 May 2013
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5 November 2015
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