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Health payroll Commission of Inquiry

The Queensland Government has established a Commission of Inquiry with the powers of a Royal Commission to examine and report on the implementation of the Queensland Health payroll system.

The Queensland Health Payroll System Commission of Inquiry will commence on 1 February 2013. It will fully examine the implementation of the Health Payroll and may be used to assist with the potential recovery of losses from any external party.

Former Queensland Court of Appeal judge the Honourable Richard Chesterman QC has been appointed to head the inquiry.
The Commission has been directed to:

  • Assess the adequacy and integrity of the procurement, contract management, project management, governance and implementation process
  • Consider and report on whether any laws, contractual provisions, codes of conduct or other government standards may have been breached during the procurement and/or implementation process and identify who may be accountable
  • Analyse the contractual arrangements between the State of Queensland and IBM Australia Ltd and determine why and to what extend the contract prices of the Queensland Health Payroll system increased over time, and
  • Recommend any changes to existing procurement, contract and project management (including governance) policies, processes, standards and contractual arrangements for major Queensland Government information and communication technology projects initiated in the future to ensure the delivery of high quality and cost effective products and systems.

Under the Terms of Reference, the Commissioner is required to provide a detailed report containing his findings and recommendations to the Premier by 30 April 2013.

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14 December 2012
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14 December 2012
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