Investing in Queensland Women Grants

Applications are currently closed and the next round will open in February 2022.

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The Queensland Government’s Investing in Queensland Women grant program provides one-off grants to organisations that qualify.

One-off funding of up to $15,000 (excluding GST) is available for initiatives with a duration of up to 6 months that align with the purpose of the Investing in Queensland Women grant program.

Grant rounds will be released twice a year, with a total allocation of funds of $270,000 (excluding GST) per round.

Successful funding applications

This section provides access to full lists of successful applicants for each funding program (per round).

Every organisation will receive written notification of the outcome of their application and successful applicants will be listed on our website.


Applicants must be either:

  • an incorporated, not-for-profit organisation (note: a group or organisation is not-for-profit if its governing documents prohibit the distribution of profits to individual members while the organisation is operating and upon its wind–up), or
  • a Queensland local government authority.

Applicants must also:

  • be based in Queensland
  • have no outstanding financial accountability, service delivery or performance issues for funding provided by the department
  • hold, or plan to obtain, insurance which includes cover for the period appropriate to the proposed initiative.

Initiatives must also meet all the following requirements:

  • be delivered during the grant round’s 6-month initiative delivery period
  • be delivered in Queensland, and
  • support the purpose of the grant program.

Please note:

  • State-run entities such as schools, hospitals and the Queensland Police Service are not eligible to apply.
  • Eligible Parents and Citizens (P&C) Associations and Parents and Friends (P&F) Associations may apply.
  • For-profit entities may partner with an eligible entity (under an auspice agreement) to deliver an initiative. The eligible entity takes full responsibility for lodging the application in SmartyGrants, and will be legally and financially accountable for the proposed initiative.

Supported initiatives

One-off grant funding is available to support initiatives that:

Funding dates

The dates for 2022 are being finalised and will be released as soon as possible.

An application may be for 1 of the 3 funding categories below:

  • Category 1—up to $5,000 for small initiatives, such as targeted campaigns or events (e.g. awareness–raising events, workshops or training for small groups, or development of resources such as posters).
  • Category 2—up to $10,000 for larger initiatives which will operate on a broader scale or are more sustainable (e.g. medium to large scale campaigns, development of resources such as videos, or a series of workshops or events).
  • Category 3—up to $15,000 for substantial initiatives which are undertaken jointly between 2 or more organisations or community groups, with favourable consideration given to applications where there is a matched contribution to the initiative from the initiative partners (e.g. government grant of $12,000 plus joint initiative partner(s) contribution of $12,000, making a total initiative cost of $24,000).

Program information

The Investing in Queensland Women grant program supports community groups and organisations across Queensland to develop and deliver initiatives that align with the Queensland Government’s strategic priorities for women and address the unique issues faced by women and girls.

The program brings together the previous Queensland Women’s Week, Domestic and Family Violence Prevention Month and Sexual Violence Awareness Month grant programs. It encourages better connection between previously separate women’s events and provides:

  • an easier application process
  • consistency in grant amounts
  • greater flexibility.

As part of the new program approach, community and sector organisations will be able to plan their applications for future awareness periods, or for a time:

  • that better suits the organisation
  • that is more relevant to their community, or
  • when there is potentially less competition for audience or participants.

More information

We cannot provide advice on individual applications, however general, technical and translation enquiries can be directed as follows:

  • General enquiries about the grant program: phone the Office for Women (through Women's Infolink) on 1800 177 577. Hours are 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday, excluding public holidays. Otherwise you can email
  • Technical enquiries about SmartyGrants: phone the SmartyHelp team on (03) 9320 6888. Hours are 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday, excluding public holidays. Otherwise you can email
  • Translation enquiries, including for help in your language: phone 1800 512 451 and ask for an interpreter.