Recording and transcription project

A recording and transcription project is underway to transition the Queensland Courts to a new recording and transcription service by March 2021.

Our role is to:

  • review current court recording and transcription services
  • identify future options for service delivery
  • recommend the best overall value-for-money option
  • roll out new recording and transcription services.

We are working closely with key stakeholders to ensure an open and fair process that will deliver a recording and transcription service that is efficient and value for the public.


We have completed a comprehensive consultation process, which included the Judiciary, courts staff and external agencies, as well as the market.

We then explored options for recording and transcription services and identified a new service delivery model that ensures quality and timely court transcripts, while ensuring the best value for money.

We are progressing the procurement and implementation of the project.

Coming up

The project will include:

  • service design and planning
  • recording platform design, procurement and roll out
  • service operations design and establishment
  • transcription service procurement.

A high-level design has been defined and multiple procurement activities will be needed to achieve the project outcomes.

Three procurement opportunities will open to the market in 2019.

Recording software procurement - awarded to Spark and Cannon Australasia Pty Limited

The Recording Software invitation to offer (ITO) closed on 5 June 2019. The purpose of this first procurement was to purchase the software that will be ultimately integrated in to the DJAG Recording Platform and used to record and provide transcriptions of court proceedings. The Recording Software contract was awarded to Spark and Cannon Australasia Pty Limited on 28 October 2019.

Service Operations Platform procurement – closed 15 August 2019, evaluation of offers is underway

A multi-stage procurement to procure organisations with the expertise to design, customise, support and maintain a service operations platform that will enable court recording and transcription services was released on 1 August 2019. The process closed on 15 August 2019, and the evaluation of offers submitted by organisations is underway.

Transcription Services – ITO released 5 November 2019

The final Invitation to Offer is to procure one or more Transcription Service Providers to deliver transcription services, documenting audio recordings as a written transcript when requested by the court, by parties to proceedings or by other court users. The Invitation to Offer was released to the market on the 5 November 2019 and closes on 10 December 2019. It is anticipated a contract will be established with the Service Providers mid-next year, with a period of transition before services are delivered under a new contract arrangement commencing on 1 March 2021.