Our office

The Office of the Public Advocate assists the Public Advocate to perform the functions of the role.

We work to protect and promote the rights, autonomy and participation of people with impaired decision-making capacity in all aspects of community life. We also work to improve their opportunities and outcomes.

What we do

  • We monitor the impact of legislation, policies, programs and services on adults with impaired decision-making capacity.
  • We advocate at a systems level to influence the design, development, implementation and reform of legislation, policies, programs and practices.
  • We carry out research and analysis.
  • We engage and work collaboratively with government, non-government and community stakeholders and policy-makers.
  • We challenge the effectiveness of systems.
  • We identify effective strategies and sustainable, innovative solutions.
  • We report on the key issues impacting the people we represent and table many of our reports in parliament.

Many people do not understand how the role of our office differs to the roles of the Public Guardian and Public Trustee. Read more about the differences between the roles of our agencies.

What we don’t do

We do not:

  • advocate directly on behalf of individuals
  • make recommendations about the appropriateness of services for individuals
  • provide legal advice or legal services
  • investigate complaints about services or the treatment of individuals
  • regulate the quality or delivery of services.