Our performance

Strategic drive

Our Strategic Drive 2021-22 outlines the broad areas of focus of the Public Advocate's activities for the current financial year.

Business plan

Our Business Plan 2021-22 outlines our key initiatives and activities for the current financial year.

Annual reports

Under the Guardianship and Administration Act 2000, the Public Advocate must prepare an annual report on the performance of the Public Advocate’s functions.

The most recent reports can be found here:

Annual reports prior to the above are available from the State Library of Queensland.

Public interest disclosures

A public interest disclosure (PID) is a disclosure about wrongdoing in the public sector that serves the public interest. Click here to read more about public interest disclosures.

The Public Interest Disclosure Policy of the Department of Justice and Attorney-General applies to making PIDs about the staff in our office. The policy explains what types of disclosures are PIDs, how PIDs can be made and how they will be managed by the Department.

Specific arrangements for PIDs related to the conduct of the Public Advocate are in development. In the interim, the Public Advocate has adopted in principle the Department of Justice and Attorney-General’s Public Interest Disclosure Policy.