Current research partnerships

We value partnering with other research agencies to further develop the knowledge and evidence base in relation to issues impacting people with impaired decision‐making capacity.

Effective decision-making support for people with cognitive impairment

Researchers and industry partners from Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria are collaborating on a project that involves the development and evaluation of an educational program that trains people to provide better decision-making support to others. The program was developed by La Trobe University and aims to improve the quality of the decision-making support provided to others and test whether it results in better outcomes for the person who requires decision-making assistance.

The research focusses on people with intellectual disability or acquired brain injury who require decision-making assistance, but the findings should apply to a broader range of people with cognitive impairment.

This 4 year project commenced in July 2015 and is supported by funding from industry partners and an Australian Research Council Linkage Grant.

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Participating in the research

You could be part of this study. The researchers are looking for people to help trial the effectiveness of the education program. The goal of the study is to achieve better decision-making outcomes for people who need this support.

Click here for more information about getting involved and helping to trial the education program.

Anyone who is interested in being part of the trial is encouraged to contact Dr Cindy Nicollet on (07) 3138 4237 or at

Partnership opportunities

Please contact our office if you would like to discuss a potential research partnership.